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Athens is the capital of Greece and a remarkable city in Europe. Attracts visitors and awakens their senses inviting them to experience a unique combination of culture, history, gastronomy, natural beauty and nightlife.

Ancient Athens was a city of historical importance, which developed principles, values and ideas which we respect so far. Modern Athens is a city that surprises, as you can discover something new and exciting in every corner. In Athens you will find perfectly mixed elements of eastern and western world, but of ancient and modern times. Get a city map, browse to it and you will discover a place where there is none like this all over the world.

Athens will amaze you because it offers everything you are looking for. If you love history you have the opportunity to visit amazing archaeological and historical sites including the Acropolis in central Athens, where you can also admire the new, promising museum. Entertainment in Athens never ends, and you can choose from many nightclubs. Those who love the sea seize the opportunity to swim off the coast of Attica, while for shopping you can venture to the wonderful shopping malls, shops and boutiques you can find in Athens.

Athens is a popular destination not only for holidays and business trips. The city has excellent tourist infrastructure, able to meet every need of the visitors. The last years have taken place in Greece many major events such as summits of the European Union, the Olympic Games in 2004 and the inauguration of the new Acropolis Museum, which already counts 500,000 visitors in first two months of operation.

Travel to Athens and enjoy a unique vacation you will never forget!

There are four main commercial routes of the capital. In the center, ie at the Constitution Square and in Kolonaki, guests will find shops selling clothing, shoes, items for home, cosmetics, furniture and decorative items.

In the north, there is the second attraction, Kifissia. Many malls with famous shops and boutiques full of life every day and hour during the week. With the recent pedestrian of the suburb, shopping has become a real pleasure.

At the south of the capital there are two more commercial lines, Piraeus and Glyfada. Both suburbs have large market, and countless cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Especially the area of Mikrolimano Piraeus is one of the hot spots of Athens during the summer months. Glyfada on the other hand, as well as Poseidonos Avenue, is known for the large entertainment venues, with both Greek and foreign music.

Athens is also famous for the beautiful weather. The clear blue sky of Attica during most of the year and the sun urge residents and visitors to enjoy coffee and ride either to the center or the beach. The cold winter is mild and dry, while summer temperatures reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, but with no humidity.

For safe tour, visitors can obtain a map of Athens in either in electronic or in printed form. Most maps include details such as archaeological sites, churches, museums, attractions, subway stops, buses and trolleys throughout Attica.

From a historical point of view and as an epilogue of our small wanderings in the eternal city, it would be interesting to mention where it got its name. The Goddess Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus and according to legend was born from his head. When Athena and Poseidon claimed the city of Athens, climbed the rock of the Acropolis before the Athenians decided that whoever gave the most beautiful gift would acquire the city. Poseidon struck his trident on one side of the hill, from which flowed a fountain. But the water was salty and the people felt that it was not very useful. Athena’s gift, the other was an olive tree, which was more beneficial, since the city provided food, oil and timber. Thus, the goddess Athena won the duel and gave the name of the eternal city!